Does de government have the power to lower the fuel price?


No, because from January 1, 2004, following the Portaria nº 1423-F/2003 of December 31, public sales prices of gasoline (…) and diesel (…) are no longer subject to price cap regime for public sale, which is why the pricing follows market mechanisms, without any government intervention.


If a station sells adulterated fuel, how should I proceed to protect my rights as a consumer?


Even though the fuels are systematic analysed regarding quality assunrance, in the suspicion of adulterated fuel selling consumers can send an email notification to ENSE (geral@ense-epe.pt), contact this entity by calling green available for this purpose (800 914 146), may also use the site www.ense-epe.pt to formulate a complaint in the “contact us” or even opt for complaint in the complaint book. In any case the consumer should keep the receipt that proves the supply. The ENSE initiate the procedures deemed necessary to collect evidence, and to ensure compliance restore.


From what date are the stations required to sell simplified fuels?


Article 3 from Law No. 6/2015 of 16 January, shall take effect 90 days after the publication date, which places the obligation to sell simplified fuel from the day April 16, 2015.


What kind of simplified fuels is my station obliged to sell?


Pursuant to paragraph 1 of Article 3 of Law No. 6/2015 of 16 January, all stations are required to sell simplified gasoline and diesel.