Communication of accidents


With the entry into force on September 1st of 2018, of Decree-Law no. 69/2018, of August 27, ENSE assumes legal competences to: “Investigate and evaluate the causes of accidents in the energy sector”- cfr. paragraph b) of paragraph 1 and paragraph s) of article 3 of said Decree-Law.

Therefore, in the event of an accident/incident involving the energy sector, and/or the facilities/equipment related to this activity, such event must be immediately communicated to ENSE with the sending of the respective elements and telephone contacts of those responsible for the facilities/equipment.

The communication of this type of accidents/incidents can be made through the contact form below or to the email:
For immediate contact, use the number 91 20 20 020, specifically reserved for reporting accidents/incidents.

You will receive a copy of the submitted data, by email, after submitting the form.