Risk Level
Existence of indications of possible problems that could significantly affect the oil sector.The probability of becoming a real threat is low, but there must be continuous monitoring of the situation.

Instability caused by the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Governance Model


According to the ENSE’s bylaws, the mandate of the governance bodies lasts for 3 years. The corporate bodies are the following:

It is possible to consult the Regulation of the Board of Directors of ENSE, here [portuguese].

PositionCorporate BodyDesignationMandate
Board of Directors
Executive MemberAlexandre Fernandes23/04/20113 years
Executive MemberVacant


a) Renewed for the same length of time, according to article 15th of EGP



PositionCorporate BodyDesignationMandate
Audit Board
PresidentJosé Azevedo Pereira Joint Order SET and SEE, of May 8th, 20152015-2017
Member (1)Margarida Carla Campos Freitas Taborda
Member (2)Cristina Maria Pereira Freire
AlternatePaulo Jorge Rodrigues Mateus


Corporate BodyDesignationMandate
Certified Public Accountant Firm

Vítor Almeida & Associados, SROC Lda., represented by Vítor Manuel Batista de Almeida

06/01/20223 years


There are others corporate bodies of ENSE to be considered:


PositionCorporate BodyDesignationMandate
Executive Board of URP
Executive DirectorAlexandre Fernandes23/04/20213 years


a) Renewed for the same length of time, according to article 15th of EGP


Position Corporate BodyDesignationMandate
Advisory Council
PresidentJosé Francisco VieiraOrder nº 67/2019, of January 3rd
Order nº 12175/2020, of December 3rd
4 years
MembersMarta Maria Garcia Vieira da Silva Rosado – in representation of the national refination's industry
António Manuel Patrício Comprido –
in representation of APETRO – Associação Portuguesa de Empresas Petrolíferas
António Belo Morgado – in representation of Autoridade Tributária e AduaneiraArticle 16º of the ENSE E.P.E Statues' 3 years
Mariana Pereira
António Domingues (Alternate) – In representation of ERSE
Board of Directors Membersn/a
Audit Board Members, chaired by Azevedo Pereira
(as observers)