Risk Level
Existence of indications of possible problems that could significantly affect the oil sector.The probability of becoming a real threat is low, but there must be continuous monitoring of the situation.

Instability caused by the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.


ENSE – National Entity for the Energy Sector, E.P.E., is a public corporation that takes on roles as portuguese CSE – Central Stockholding Entity, responsible for the management and deployment of national crude oil and oil products reserves in Portugal, assuring that the strategic reserves and the emergency reserves are permanently at the disposal of the Government member. ENSE E.P.E. also takes on the role of supervising and monitoring all of the energy sector (electricity, natural gas and oil by-products).


ENSE intends to remain a reference entity specialized in the inspection of the energy sector, ensuring the regular functioning of this sector and access to fuel in the event of an energy crisis.


Independence and rigor. Independence and equidistance from all entities and people with whom ENSE establishes relationships in the exercise of its powers.

Impartiality and legality. As a supervisory entity in the energy sector, we guide this activity by the principles of impartiality and legality.

Innovation and quality. We always try to act through an approach of effectiveness, enthusiasm and willingness to innovate.