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ENSE – National Entity for the Energy Sector, E.P.E., is a public corporation that takes on roles as portuguese CSE – Central Stockholding Entity, responsible for the acquisition, maintenance, management and deployment of national crude oil and oil products reserves in Portugal, assuring that the strategic reserves and the emergency reserves are permanently at the disposal of the Government member that has the responsability over the energy sector, in case of natural catastrophe, or in the case of constraints that pose an obstacle to the normal workings of the fuel market.

ENSE E.P.E. also takes on the role of supervising and monitoring all of the energy sector (electricity, natural gas and oil by-products) and holds special responsibility in evaluating the causes of accidents in the energy sector, monitoring the execution and ensuring compliance with licensing obligations in the energy sector by concession holders, and the access of third parties to facilities for the storage and transportation of oil products and LPG.

ENSE E.P.E is also responsible for the monitoring of the biofuel market and the quality of fuels commercialized throughout the whole of the national territory, assuring the consumer about the integrity of the products supplied by the market operators.

ENSE E.P.E. also assures the conditions for the national supply of crude oil and oil products.