Risk Level
Existence of indications of possible problems that could significantly affect the oil sector.The probability of becoming a real threat is low, but there must be continuous monitoring of the situation.

Instability caused by the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Fuel Types


The prices represented in the chart and in the table refer to €/l prices for Gasoline, Diesel and LPG Auto and prices €/kg for LPG Butane and LPG Propane.

Additional information about the components of the Reference Prices

  • International quotation - Daily quotation for each oil product, issued internationally by Argus Media;
  • Freight – Cost of transporting the oil product to Lisbon;
  • Biofuels – Cost of incorporating diesel and gasoline substitutes, responsible for reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Its incorporation into fossil fuels is responsible for complying with the annual national obligation provided in paragraph 1 of article 8 of Decree-Law No. 84/2022 of 9 December;
  • Strategic Reserve – Costs for the part of the security reserves constituted and controlled directly by the central storage entity - ENSE;
  • Discharge and storage – Costs with logistical operations for receiving crude oil or oil products and their temporary storage;
  • Filling – Costs with the activity of filling bottles with propane or butane gas, carried out in facilities designed for this purpose;
  • ISP – Taxes on all petroleum and energy products if they are consumed or sold for fuel use. On this page, the ISP also incorporates the value of the Road Contribution Rate and the Carbon Rate;
  • VAT – Value added tax applied to all components that make up the price, including the ISP.