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LPG Solidary Price


Following the publication of Ordinance nr. 167/2019, of 29 May, which amended the Ordinance nr. 240/2018, of 28 August, the National Entity for the Energy Sector, E.P.E. (ENSE, E.P.E.), proceeds with the monthly publication of the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) solidary price.


As provided for in Ordinance nr. 167/2019, of 29 May, the pilot project for the application of the solidary tariff for LPG to be applied to economically vulnerable end customers, aimed to extend the scope to all municipalities wishing to join the project and, ensuring a greater number of potential beneficiaries of the solidary tariff, but also to clarify the duties and obligations of the municipalities and operators involved.


One of the key aspects for the implementation of the pilot project is the solidary price of the LPG bottle, and the respective calculation formula, also subject to changes (which can be consulted in the related documents). In fact, after the accession of municipalities and operators in this market, the possibility of offering this type of products at a much lower cost opens more supply opportunities compared to the average prices currently practiced.


The implementation of the pilot project, which lasts one year, is dependent on the signing of protocols with all operators and participating municipalities, the latter of which must express their intention to participate within 30 days from the date of entry into force of Ordinance nr. 167/2019.


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