Risk Level
Existence of indications of possible problems that could significantly affect the oil sector.The probability of becoming a real threat is low, but there must be continuous monitoring of the situation.

Instability caused by the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Department of Biofuels

Activity Description

The BD is responsible for:

  • Supervise compliance with the rules for promoting the use of biofuels;
  • Monitoring compliance with the obligations of biofuel producers and developers;
  • Proceed with the issuance and cancellation of biotickets, under the legal terms;
  • Take samples of biofuels in the context of quality control programs;
  • Prepare and carry out monitoring and control actions on biofuels;
  • Monitor the mandatory national incorporation goals in road fuels, on a quarterly basis.

Goals and incorporation obligations

Every month, ENSE provides the physical percentage of biofuels’ incorporation and TDBs transacted by economic operators.

Biofuels prices

Every month, ENSE makes available the average practiced price (€/m3) of FAME in Portugal and Europe.


From September 2018, ENSE issues the biotickets based on the monthly information sent by ECS (LNEG).